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What is the ultimate aspiration of all human beings? Are you troubled by today’s world where peace is endangered and nature’s bounty- symbolized in various forms, such as pristine rivers, lush green forests, and snow clad mountains has been exploited beyond repair? Do you wish that you could turn the clock back and experience how the world was, before the pursuit of materialism changed the worlds face? It’s not too late, your wish can be fulfilled, for there is a country nestled high in the Himalayas that has retained most of what our global village has lost. To many, it is a Shangri-la, where you can see and hear the melody of birds, the songs of the flowing rivers and the virgin forests and mountains. And you can experience all this over a cup of cappuccino as you communicates with folks back home using your latest technological gadget. So little to lose, so much to gain.

Travel to Bhutan- the country where ancient tradition and modernity co-exist in seamless harmony and where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is the yardstick for measuring development. Beyond its long history, it is also a forward-looking nation where fourth king commissioned drafting of the constitution and voluntarily stepped down, thereby instituting democracy. The fifth king now serves as constitutional monarch dedicated to ensuring an open society, a developing economy and preservation of cultural traditions for the Bhutanese people as well as foreign guests.

Bhutan Travel Planner is a local tour operator uniquely positioned to provide you with an “unforgettable journey of lifetime” as you define that term. Accordingly we offer a wide variety of touring options tailored to your interests, including Bhutan cultural tours, Trekking in Bhutan, Bhutan Birding Tours and Bhutan Festival Tours. We are also equipped to provide English, Japanese, Chinese and French speaking guides. Bhutan Travel Planner is at your service and looks forward to welcoming you as our honored guest as you discover the peace and serenity of the Bhutanese Himalayas.

Bhutan is enormously flanked by China and India on two sides. The high Himalayan range in the north separate the kingdom from China, while its rugged eastern terrains border the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim.

Upcoming Tours and Treks

Punakha Festival Tour

The Punakha festival (tshechu) is held for three days at the courtyard of majestic Punakha Dzong to honor Guru Rinpoche

Glimpses of Bhutan

Explore the most iconic highlights of Western Bhutan on this six-day. The tour ends at the emerald-green Paro Valley.

Dagala Trek

This 6 day beautiful high altitude mountain trek provides stunning views of the whole Bhutanese Himalayan range

Drukpath Trek

Five-day trek through glorious high mountain scenery combined with the many cultural attractions of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha.
4Days Trek

Thimphu Festival Tour

Thimphu Festival (Tsechu) is by all means one of the biggest festivals in the capital of Bhutan. Celebrated annually in the autumn season

Central Bhutan Tour

The central Bhutan trip or tour to Bumthang is a magnificent trip that passes through scenic landscape, drives on wonderful new roads.

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Travel more, Worry less!!! We understand how much your trip means to you, so we offer you the widest range of Bhutan tour options to the most exotic destinations in the country. All our Bhutan tour packages provide a professional touch and the maximum value for money.

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